The Power of Repetition: Why Teachers Should Embrace Repeated Activities in the Classroom

As a teacher, you pride yourself on finding or creating your own fun & engaging activities for your students. So why not incorporate repeated classroom activities into your lesson planning? After all, I’m sure it took a lot longer to plan and prep for those projects than your students realized! While introducing fresh material is essential, there are numerous benefits to revisiting activities multiple times with our students. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why teachers should embrace the power of repetition in the classroom and stayed tuned to the end where you can download your own free escape room to do with your students!

1. Reinforcement of Concepts

When students encounter the same material repeatedly, they begin to better understand what is being asked of them. Repetition allows students to retain knowledge more effectively! Each time an activity is revisited within the classroom – you, as the teacher, have a better idea of the format in which your students learn best! When you focus on reinforcing concepts, students can build upon their previous understanding which allows them to develop a deeper grasp of the subject matter. Repeated classroom activities can be a game-changer for all types of learners!

2. Increased Confidence

When students encounter familiar activities multiple times, they become more confident in their abilities. Confidence is essential for a positive learning experience. As they encounter success in activities they’ve previously mastered, they’ll become more motivated to tackle new challenges and apply concepts that they have previously learned! Check out this blog post on how to incorporate Google Earth into your Geography lessons every time to increase student confidence.

3. Mastery of Skills

By repeating activities within the classroom, you provide multiple opportunities for your students to master skills. We all know that in order to get better at something you must practice it. For example, let’s take a look at this Code Hacker Escape Room Activity! Let’s say the first time you do this with your students, they are unable to break the code and “escape” on time. However, every time you do this project with your students, they will continue to get faster because they will become more knowledgeable each and every time. By revisiting activities, we allow students to hone their skills, leading to increased proficiency over time.

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4. Repeated Classroom Activities Encourages Critical Thinking

Each time an activity is revisited, students are encouraged to approach it from a different angle. Every time they revisit an activity, they have the opportunity to dive deeper into the subject matter & make connections with other concepts! This not only engages critical thinking, but it also allows you to cross-teach subject matters all in one. Not only is this Ancient Egypt Escape Room a history lesson, but it also incorporates reading, math, vocabulary, and more! Students will develop a stronger sense of all subject matters every time an activity is revisited!

In conclusion, repetition is a powerful tool for both you and your students. We want students to retain knowledge not just for exams but for life. Repetition is a fundamental aspect of making sure that happens. The more students encounter and engage with the material, the more likely it is to be stored in their long-term memory which leads to increased confidence and mastery of skills! Click below to download your FREE Ancient Egypt Code Hacker Escape Room!