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Technology in the Classroom: How Google Classroom Can Enhance Student Learning

If you’re still largely using paper for materials and assignments, then Google Classroom offers an easy-to-use, entry-level step into making your class more digital. Like many of its products, Google makes every attempt to provide a self-intuitive and user-friendly experience. If you already employ paperless methods for your students, then Classroom will streamline your workflow with its peerless integration with its apps.

It’s been proven time and time again that students are engaged by technology. Google Classroom can help students become and stay engaged in the learning process. For example, last week my students were using Google Maps to zoom into the Himalayas after labeling the physical features of China on a satellite digital topographical map. This activity replaced the less engaging all too familiar use the textbook atlas to label-the-feature-on-the-blank-map assignment. Also, if you have students answer questions in Classroom, for example, other students can comment on these answers and deepen thought for both students.

Not only does it help with student organization by putting all assignments and work in one safe place, but it also helps teachers too. Creating, copying, assigning, supervising, collecting, grading, recording, and returning work to students is a process requiring a great deal of time and steps. Google Classroom simplifies these tasks by combining, eliminating, or organizing them. Google Classroom undoubtedly saves time and trouble for teachers grading student work. On a personal note, I love the fact that I virtually never hear that students have lost an assignment in disorganized binders.
Google Classroom is additionally designed for teachers and students to share ideas and resources with one another. Teachers and students can participate in online Classroom discussions, and everyone can post links to informative resources within discussions or other sharing mechanisms. While Classroom exists on a website platform, students can seamlessly pull in their work from other Google apps such as Google Slides, Forms and Docs. Students that don’t have computers can even use their phones!

Instructomania has a vast selection Google-ready lessons plans including a US history unit with a fun, student-centered, inquiry-based Google Geography Exploration and Scavenger Hunt! This comprehensive Google United States Geography lesson has been both student and teacher approved with an overwhelming thumbs-up! It embodies all of the cool geography capabilities of Google Maps and Google Earth in a digital US geography interactive notebook format complete with a Google forms physical geography assessment at the end. We also have lesson plan complete Ancient History Google Classroom Units such as Google Classroom Ancient Egypt, Google Classroom Ancient Mesopotamia, Google Classroom Ancient India, Google Classroom Ancient China, Google Classroom Rome and Google Classroom Ancient Greece. Our Medieval History complete less plan units are for Feudal Europe, Japan, China, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Africa, Islam and the Scientific Revolution. All units are complete with informational texts in PDF and digital reading formats, games, Google Forms quizzes and tests and fun, engaging activities. 

This quick video demonstrates how simple it is to set up!


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