Benefits of online teaching materials

The benefits of online teaching material

Online teaching material is changing our understanding of education. In the past, if you needed to learn something, you attended classes, training sessions and/or lectures at school or work, and then took a test to see if you had absorbed the knowledge. However, today you can take online classes in subjects that actually interest you as a student or teacher.

Such an old-fashioned approach no longer suits the challenges of our rapidly changing, global society. Modern learning demands freedom, flexibility and the ability to learn where and when one wants. That means embracing modern learning technologies such as mobile, online learning platforms and learning management systems.

To keep up with the times as a school, teacher or company, and make the most of it when it comes to learning, we have listed 10 benefits of e-learning.

1. Online learning is cheaper and more effective

Using an effective classroom material platform saves money. This is especially true for larger organisations that need to train thousands of students or employees. Moreover, teachers and trainers get more time to focus on strategic tasks because they don’t have to organize offline training and study materials themselves.

It also saves quite a bit logistically. Since all learning materials are available on students’ devices (such as on their laptops, tablets or smartphones), there is no need to print thousands of pages of learning materials.

2. It is an ideal learning solution for students

In the near future, most employees in your company will be current students. These young professionals have grown up with computers and expect easy access to knowledge when and where they need it. Their mindset has already had a big impact on our culture – if you don’t know the answer to a question for a moment, just consult Google or Wikipedia.

E-learning with online study materials is a great fit for the work culture of millennials because it provides fast, on-demand information. Moreover, it encourages students to view and use learning materials on their smartphones, laptops or tablets. It is therefore important to use an e-learning technology that is “always on” and fully mobile compatible.

3. Online learning delivers better learning outcomes

Online learning is not only cheaper, it also produces better learning outcomes. Firstly, this is due to the fact that learning materials are available on-demand. So it is used by students when they need it during their study. As a result, they use the learning material more intuitively, seeing it as a useful source of knowledge rather than an annoying interruption to their working day.

The learning materials are also much easier to keep up-to-date. If something changes, there is no need to redesign a training course or have new textbooks created. Updates are made in real time, so the learning material is and always remains aligned with practice. So your students are always up to date with the latest developments.

Online study materias also encourages an interactive, proactive attitude towards the learning material. A typical (compulsory) classroom training used to be seen mainly as a time-consuming break in the day. E-learning encourages hands-on learning – employees then follow an interactive online tutorial while performing their work, for example. This way, they master new skills and knowledge much faster.

4. Track results easier

With online learning, learning takes place in a digital environment. This makes it much easier to track results and progress, and it takes you as a teacher less time to check the work. Modern knowledge-sharing platforms track student results on assignments and tests, and which resources they use most often.

5. Easy access to information

Online learning materials give teachers the convenient, user-friendly learning experience they can put together for their students. This produces smart teachers who are better equipped to do their jobs. What’s more, teachers are not spending valuable time searching for the right knowledge, but free to focus on their core tasks and classroom success.

6. A tailor-made learning process

By using online teaching materials, you ensure that the class is presented with exactly the right teaching material. This avoids unnecessary or confusing chapters and information from a book that is not applicable for tests. By using online study materials, you can choose exactly the topic and teaching material your students need.

7. It makes you an attractive teacher

Finding and recruiting talent within a classroom is difficult, and keeping students attentive in your classroom even more so. Online teaching material gives your best students the chance to excel, as it encourages them to share knowledge and help other students benefit from the specific and engaging material they receive. Moreover, as a teacher, you do something different compared to your colleagues with this you stand out for the students and motivate them to come to your classes.

8. The teaching material is easy to adapt

When you create your lesson material with an online learning platform like Instructomania, you can very easily tailor the lesson material to the lessons you want to teach. For example, you use certain pieces of lesson material or change the order in which you think the class will best absorb the lesson material.

9. It leads to a lower learning threshold

Online lesson material is available for every level. It is therefore explained in a way that makes it fun, interactive and effective. Using this method lowers the threshold for learning. Students become enthusiastic about the lesson material, making everything happen by itself.

10. It improves concentration

One of the biggest pitfalls of students is their ability to concentrate. Concentrating in a crowded classroom is therefore difficult. Through online teaching materials, you focus on one topic at a time. As a result, students become less distracted and understand the material easier and faster.

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