Our top holiday lesson plans for middle school students

Holiday lesson plans middle school students will love!

The holiday season is not just about twinkling lights, sweet treats, and joyful celebrations. It’s also an excellent opportunity for middle school students to dive into the fascinating history of the “why” behind the holidays we celebrate. “Holidays Exposed!” offers an engaging and educational journey, providing teachers with comprehensive holiday lesson plans specifically geared for middle school students. It includes close readings that unravel the true stories and evolution of some of the most cherished days and traditions celebrated throughout the year.

Holiday lesson plans middle school students will love!

A Peek Inside the Bundle

Dive into the holiday spirit with this meticulously crafted bundle, offering a deep exploration into the history and significance of eight major holidays.

The holidays included in this bundle are:

  • Labor Day Exposed!
  • Halloween Exposed!
  • Santa Claus Exposed!
  • Thanksgiving Exposed!
  • Valentine’s Day Exposed!
  • The Easter Bunny Exposed!
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Exposed!
  • Memorial Day Exposed – Letter to a Soldier Template Included!

Each holiday has its own dedicated set, featuring:

1. Two-Page Close Reading:

Showcase the historical roots of each holiday through a carefully curated two-page close reading. These holiday lesson plans allow middle school students to mark and analyze the text from their own point of view. From the origins of Halloween to the evolution of Santa Claus, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will be captivated by the tales woven into the fabric of these beloved celebrations.

2. Common Core Graphic Organizer with Answer Key:

Each holiday lesson plan set includes a Common Core-aligned graphic organizer supporting the development of critical thinking skills. This tool not only helps students organize their thoughts but also serves as a valuable assessment resource for teachers! The included answer key ensures a seamless and effective teaching experience.

3. Reading Historical Text Annotation Guide:

Navigating historical texts can be a challenge for any middle school student, but not with the Reading Historical Text Annotation Guide included in each set. This guide empowers students with the skills needed to annotate and analyze historical documents, fostering a deeper understanding of the context surrounding each holiday.

Versatile Holiday Middle School Lesson Plans

One of the standout features of “Holidays Exposed!” is its adaptability. These activity sets are not only ideal for in-depth classroom exploration but also serve as excellent substitute lesson plans. Whether you’re in need of a captivating lesson or a simple and effective substitute plan, this bundle has you covered! If you want to try out one of these Holidays Exposed lesson plans – you can do so by heading to the Unmasking the history of Halloween blog post and downloading the lesson there!

Enhance Learning, Embrace Tradition

As educators, our mission is not just to teach facts but to inspire curiosity and a love for learning. “Holidays Exposed!” accomplishes this by blending history with the magic of the holidays, making the past come alive for students. As they uncover the stories behind the festivities inside these holiday lesson plans, your middle school students will gain a deeper appreciation for the traditions that connect us across time.

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Holiday lesson plans middle school students will love!

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