Online Classroom Games Your History Students Will Love!

Are you searching for a unique way to engage your students in your history class that allows them to have fun while also learning? Look no further! Our Tower of Progress online classroom games are designed to make primary source reading engaging, collaborative, and downright thrilling for your classroom.

The Concept: Building Knowledge, Literally

Imagine your students diving into primary sources about Ancient India, not with sighs of boredom, but with excitement and curiosity. In this activity, students explore primary source texts and answer questions via a Google Form. Each correct answer isn’t just a point—it’s a building block. Literally. For every correct response, groups earn a 3×5 card, which they then use to construct a tower!

The Tower Challenge

Competition is key to engagement. As groups collect more cards, their towers grow taller. The challenge? Build the tallest tower! This friendly competition not only motivates students but also fosters teamwork and critical thinking. What more could a teacher want out of engaging in online classroom games?

Power-Up Cards: Adding a Twist

But wait, there’s more! For every 15 correct answers, students unlock a “power-up” card. These cards bring an exciting twist by granting extra building materials like paperclips or tape. Suddenly, reading primary sources becomes a strategic game—students are not just reading; they’re strategizing and competing.

Your students will read primary sources and build tall towers with our Tower of Progress online classroom games resources!

Immediate Feedback and Accountability

The primary-source Google Form provides instant feedback. Correct answers reveal summative phrases from the primary sources. Students then transcribe these phrases onto their cards—ensuring they understand and can recall what they’ve read. This accountability adds depth to the activity, making it both fun and skill-focused.

Online Classroom Games Teacher Testimonials

Our Tower of Progress activities have received rave reviews from educators like you:

“I never thought my students would beg to read primary source material. But this lesson did just that. They loved the activity and begged to do this with each unit. It is a great find.” – Deena H.

“This is awesome! All of my students were engaged, even those who usually refuse to interact with anyone else in class. Easy to use.” – Kimberly M.

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Your students will read primary sources and build tall towers with our Tower of Progress online classroom games resources!

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Turn primary source reading into a tower-building adventure with our Tower of Progress activity! We can’t wait for you to experience how these online classroom games can turn your classroom into a competition your students will always remember!