How do you DBQ?

Document-based questions (DBQs) are the meat and potatoes of high school history classes and AP courses. These essay or short-answer questions require students to construct a response after inspecting provided historical documents. As new standards prescribe more evidence-based thinking and less rote memorization. Get your students investigating history with this versatile document based questions for US history resource packet. Save big by buying a bundle!Individually this packet would cost $32.00.

This Common Core resource packet has 8 mini-DBQ’s that are designed to be similar to the New York Regents exam. Each DBQ is divided into a primary source document analysis and a written response section. Here’s what’s included with each DBQ:

1.A focus writing response question prominently on each page.
Historical background introduction followed by a DBQ student task list.
2. 5-8 varied primary source and secondary source documents with short answer questions (example primary sources included in the bundle are letters, speeches, political cartoons, government documents, magazine pictures, eulogies, obituaries and historical document excerpts).
3. Answer keys for short answer questions.
4. 3 writing response options so teachers can choose by class level or teaching preference. Each option includes instructional materials.
5. Student writing templates for each writing response option that both include stem sentences and do not.
6. Guided practice writing worksheets and a commentary stem sentence printable.
7. Rubrics.

The DBQ’s included in the packet are:
1. The American Revolution– What were the political, social and economic reasons that led the colonists to rebel in 1776?
2. Constitution: In what way was the Constitution a superior document to the Article of Confederation?
3. The New Nation: Which of the first five Presidents left the most enduring legacy?
4. Westward Expansion-In what ways did moving west have an affect on Native American populations?
5. North and South– To what extent did slavery divide the North and South over time making Civil War inevitable?
6.Civil War– In what ways did the original Constitution lead America to Civil War?
7. Reconstruction– To what extent was Radical Reconstruction fair or unfair?
8. Industrial Revolution– What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on the United States?

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