Comparing Religions Lesson Plan

 This unit is one of Instructomania’s BEST-SELLERS!

Religion is such an important aspect of the development of a civilization! The resources in this set were designed to cover the key facts that will help build great discussions and a fundamental understanding of cultural behaviors. This engaging, Common Core, comparing religions activity bundle is loaded with versatility and fun, including:

⭐ A Why Learn About Religion? World Religions Map Activity. This comes with a comparing religions map, questions, and an answer key (exclusive to this bundle).

⭐ World Religion Stations Activity Set and Comparing Religions Mingle – A brand new World Religions Stations activity with great graphics! Students interpret maps & charts and read about holy books, places of worship, beliefs about God/s, similarities, differences and number of adherents worldwide!

⭐ A two-page reading and fact sheet covering the basics of the religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The reading covers, religious texts, prophets, basic beliefs, key branches of each religion and symbols (exclusive to this bundle).

⭐ A matching vocabulary lesson for key vocabulary about all five major religions. Includes an answer key (exclusive to this bundle)!

⭐ A comparison similarity and difference chart for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and for Buddhism and Hinduism (exclusive to this bundle).

⭐ A fun, versatile, Wager This! Class Game to play, used with key vocabulary (exclusive to this bundle).

 Buddhism: A two-page reading, Common Core printable worksheet, answer key and fun Tweet Assignment extension activity.

⭐ Hinduism: A two-page reading, Common Core printable worksheet with answer key and a fun iPad graphic organizer

⭐ A Hinduism and Buddhism Comparison Activity Chart with answer key

⭐ Christianity three page Close Reading, graphic organizer, and worksheet.

⭐ Judaism two Close Reading, graphic organizer, and worksheet.

⭐ Understanding Islam two page Close Reading and paper driven e-mail a religious leader activity.

⭐ A newscast! This aligns with the Common Core speaking and listening requirements. it comes with an explanation handout, teacher notes, and rubric!

⭐ Lasting Effects of Protestant Reformation and Renaissance Spread of Christianity Close Reading, Map Activity and Annotated Timeline!

⭐ World Religions Class Mingle activity was added to get your students up and moving while learning about all five major world religions!

⭐ A 30 question editable test in Google Forms and in Word! The test covers the basic from all five major religions.

⭐ A Quizlet link with all of the same information from student graphic organizers to be used in class or for students to study at home!

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