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These content rich activities are student centered and interactive.  Depending on which one you choose, each activity has 6-11 stations with close readings and primary sources detailing the geography, achievements, social classes, leadership, economy and religion of a particular era / region.

Readings come with pictures, charts and maps. Questions and interactive mini activities are underneath the reading AND on a separate worksheet for teacher choice. Teacher instructions are included with different activity ideas with Common Core readings.

Great news! Many of our stations feature a Google Classroom online reading investigation option. Students can read independently and complete a graphic organizer or answer the questions at the bottom of the reading. This is a great way to cover all the bases in a digital Interactive Notebook format!

About Instructomania with Mr. & Mrs. P:
World History includes both Ancient and Medieval history lesson plans and complete unit packets. In the Ancient history and Medieval history curriculum you will find lesson plans and activities that support inquiry-based learning through evidence-driven literacy and writing that aligns with Common Core.

Our student-centered Social Science lessons teach students to analyze social studies content by using the key the concepts of geography, economy, achievements, religion, social classes and government. Students use academic vocabulary, in highly engaging, fun history investigations, interactive Google ready content, visually rich graphic organizer resources and thematic assignments.

US History includes content rich, primary source-driven United States history lessons and activities. Students use critical thinking, in our skill-based lessons that have student analyze historical documents, charts and primary resources. Our U.S. History units are also key concept based. Students analyze the growth and challenges faced by the United States through the use of the key concepts of federalism, republicanism government, diversity, territorial expansion, rights and liberties, labor systems and economy. A common theme throughout our lessons is that students support claims with evidence from secondary and primary source text.