Ancient, Medieval, and US free History BUNDLED lessons

Packed with interactive resources, day-by-day lesson instructions, and engaging activities, these mini-bundles are free history lessons!

Grand Opening Free Mini-Units You’ll Love!

These mini-bundles as FREE for a limited time! You can find them packed with comprehensive lesson content, engaging history activities, and interactive resources. After all, they are your one-stop solution for teaching the history of feudal or Medieval Japan, Ancient India, and the Colonies (Colonial America). Therefore, incorporating these resources into your lessons work no matter if you’re a seasoned teacher or a fresh face in the classroom! It has everything you need to inspire your students and bring history to life! Finally, keep reading to see how these free history lessons can be used with your students.

A Comprehensive and Organized Approach:

To begin with, say goodbye to the stress of planning lessons from scratch. Our Mini-Bundle activities provide a day-by-day lesson guide and sequence. This ensures a smooth and structured flow throughout the unit. Inside you will find seven well-crafted days of instruction, including direct teaching, readings, interactive notebook activities, reviews, and quizzes, you can confidently guide your students through the rich history of all three content areas.

Engaging Resources for Interactive Learning:

First, we understand how important it is to keep students actively engaged in their learning journey. Therefore, you will find our mini-bundle designed to be interactive and notebook-friendly! By doing so, it allows students to actively participate and create their own learning resources. However, you will also see it can also be adapted for traditional classroom use as an independent work packet.

Next, a variety of resources are included to dive deep into the historical context by using:

  • notes
  • readings
  • graphic organizers
  • foldable activities
  • primary source close readings

Here’s what’s included in these free history lessons:

  • A COMPLETE DAY-TO-DAY LESSON GUIDE AND SEQUENCE– Includes 7 days with a combination of direct instruction, readings, fun interactive notebook activities, review, and a quiz!
  • NOTES, READINGS, and GRAPHIC ORGANIZER – Has everything you need to teach the content via readings, activities, or direct instruction. Complete with a content quiz!
  • BRAND NEW HISTORICAL SNAPSHOT INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK READING SET– Close reading set has students highlight important information and respond to key concept comprehension questions in FUN and CREATIVE ways.
  • HISTORICAL SNAPSHOT QUIZ– a 15-question skill-based quiz that requires students to choose supporting evidence, infer the meaning of text and words, and recall key information.
  • POWERPOINT NOTES, two-page outline PRINTABLE NOTES with a graphic organizer that can be used interchangeably!
  • INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK FRIENDLY FOLDING ACTIVITY– Foldable activity revisits key information from the notes and readings in a fun, creative way!
  • SAMURAI PRIMARY SOURCE READING AND WANT AD– Includes a primary source close reading, and graphic organizer.
  • DOODLE NOTE REVIEW SUMMARY ACTIVITY- (included in BONUS FILE) Fun creative summary review graphic organizer that allows students to detail the 6 key “big idea” concepts. As an example of this product, the mini-bundle comes with one of the graphic organizers and some examples.